Our very own Nia Norman has been accepted into the New Explorations Into Science, Technology and Math High School for Kindergarten next year! Congratulations Nia!

Gifted and Talented

From left to right: Aadan Deleon Job, Nia Norman, Ava Wycoff, Bryce Hall
The results for the gifted and talented exam keep rolling in, and our kids are doing GREAT! We are very proud of our students, and want to congratulate them on a job well done.

Aadan DeLeon Job

Aadan DeLeon Job is an amazingly smart child born to parents Melanie Waddell and Michael Brown on November 4, 2009. Aadan became a part of the Sunshine family on July 2011. When Aadan entered our toddler program he was always a courteous and curious child. His desire to learn new things pushed him daily to accelerate pass many of his peers. Aadan moved quickly from the toddler program to the preschool program. It was in the preschool program that he blossomed. He began to act with in the drama department accepting lead roles and supportive roles. Aaden also progressed in the area of music by playing the
violin and keyboard. Aadan achieved academic success by testing into the Gifted and Talented Program scoring in the 98th percentile. Aadan has made his parents proud by not only displaying academic success by being a high achiever but he is a good friend and pleasant student. Aadan is balanced and prepared for future challenges.

Ava Wycoff

Ava Wycoff born on March 3, 2009 is the daughter of Dionne and Anthony Wycoff. In May of 2011 Ava joined the Sunshine community. Ava entered the toddler program and transitioned to the preschool program. Ava was always able to express herself verbally and clearly. Ava proved to be a strong student socially and academically. Ava makes friend quickly and always express the desire to defend them as well. At five Ava is strong willed and determined to achieve success. She has displayed excellence in music by playing the violin and piano in addition to being an active participant in the drama department. Ava Wycoff is given special recognition for testing into the 96 percentile of the Gifted and Talented Program Ava is accepted and granted a financial scholarship for the next 13 years to the private school Friends Seminary. We are so proud of her.

Nia Norman

Nia Norman was born on August 12, 2009 to Dawn M. Pinnock and Kevin Norman who are excellent supportive parents. She began her academic journey at Sunshine on July 2012 and was placed in the Green Room with Teacher Mark. It was from the very beginning that Nia began to stand at academically and socially. She achieved honors in the Green Room and quickly transitioned to the Blue Room where it was discovered that she was an excellent reader at 3 years old. Nia was able to read anything presented to her. Immediately those skills in addition to others become focus areas. Through our drama department Nia became a star
actress, she was able to perform any role given to her with the emotion it required. If the part was small or big she performed it well and always stood out from the crowd. Nia also excelled in music by taking the basic of violin and piano. Nia and her parents were always sharing and giving of their time and treats. Always pleasant with her classmates and teachers Nia was a joy to have in class as she leaves the Peach Room, she leaves with great accolades of having excelled in her studies, having been excepted into the Gifted and Talented Program with nearly perfect scores of 99% in all subject areas. Nia sets a high standard of behavior for herself and is a natural leader. Presently, Nia has achieved a balance of success through social and academic skills that will serve as the foundation to propel her into her many future endeavors. We will miss her and know that she will achieve success wherever she is accepted. All the best Nia.

Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall is the son of Jasmin Carlo and Anthony Hall born on March 5, 2009 he continues to make his parents proud. In July 2010 Bryce became a part of the Sunshine community. When Bryce joined Sunshine he was still a baby at 16 months, he was introduced to skills that would allow him to grow in all areas of his life. He has been fully educated through the Sunshine curriculum and developed
into an active, successful preschooler. Bryce has been privileged to begin his introduction to music with the violin and piano as well as his introduction into acting with the drama department. He has proven to be a talented young man who is as proud of his own accomplishments as we are. Bryce is a caring individual who takes joy in working and playing with his classmates. He expresses joy when he masters new skills such as in chess which is one of his favorite activities. He works diligently to achieve outstanding success. Bryce has tested into the Gifted and Talented Program scoring within the 98 percentile. We look forward to hearing about his future endeavors.
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