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Dance Time at Sunshine Day Care is an extraordinary forty minutes of imagination, creativity and FUN! In dance, each child learns the fundamentals of various dance styles and the technical movements that go along with each. Infused in the study of each lesson is the development of individuality, social skills, sensor motor skills, hand-eye-coordination and confidence.

The curriculum is arranged as such:


We fuse music and dance together for a fun and interactive movement and song class! The children exercise their motor skills by jumping, clapping, bouncing, and marching along with fun songs we sing.

Ages 2-3 (Green and Yellow Room)

These groups of children are introduced to 3 different dance styles: Ballet, Tap and African/Rhythm Dance. For each dance style, they learn the specified technical movement and explore improvisation as well as imagination and creativity.

Along with dance, each child is introduced to gymnastics. We explore safe, child-friendly gymnastic stunts like, assisted forward tuck rolls, mounting the balance beam and forward bridges.

Ages 3-5 (Pink, Rainbow, Blue and Peach Rooms)

These groups of children are challenged to fine tune their motor skills by focusing on the appropriate and technical way of executing each movement in each dance style. They are introduced to and study dance styles such as Ballet, Tap, African Dance, Creative Movement and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Students learn various gymnastic tricks and stunts that help build their balance skills and enhance their flexibility. Each student explores safe, child-friendly gymnastic moves such as assisted hand stand leg kicks, forward tuck rolls, splits, balance beam hops, forward bridges and assisted backwards bridges.