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After School

Hi, my name is Rae Charles. I am the afterschool teacher for Sunshine Day Care. I pick up some of the children from P.S. 44, and the others are bussed in or brought in by their parents or guardian. We walk to the center with the emphasis on safety and exploration.

At the center, I assist the children with their homework. Following snack we participate in various skill-building, non-competitive, fun, and educational games. A child who simultaneously relaxes because they are playing a game that is entertaining, and concentrates because the game is challenging, will be in the perfect frame of mind for learning. Children have to master a great number of skills in the early grades. These particular games can help a child learn and practice almost every skill that school requires.

Learning, in my own opinion, should be a pleasure. Creativity is encouraged as children can choose from many different things to do and the focus is always on the “process” not the product. Sunshine Day Care has provided an endless amount of “stuff” for the children to create something new. The after-school children have creative-expression time, pretending time, discovery time, music time, show me your idea! time, story time, and socializing time. Therefore, they develop and sharpen useful skills and learn meaningful concepts. They expand their potential while they form cooperative habits. Leading to the children further developing their reasoning, negotiation, and listening skills which leads to them develop empathy and compassion for others and wholesome attitudes.

Our #1 goal at Sunshine Day Care is to guide the children toward developing an “I Can Do It” self-image. At Sunshine we encourage parent involvement. When you, the parent, are concerned, interested, and involved in the learning processes of your child a powerful and inspirational message is sent to the child about the importance of education and learning. Knowledge is power!

We have five rules of Sunshine Afterschool Discipline:

  • Ready Rule – come to program ready to learn.
  • Respect Rule – respect the rights and property of others.
  • Request Rule – ask for help when needed.
  • Offer Rule – Offer help to others.
  • Responsibility Rule – Strive to act responsibly at all times.