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Mrs. Caranay & Ms. Hazel

Hello and welcome to the Awesome 2Somes! The children in this classroom are ages 2 to 3 years old, hence the reasons for our name. At this delicate age, our focus points are language development and independence. We implement language development through several daily readings and conversations with our children, which allow them to attain some parts of speech and eventually becoming able to form complete sentences.

The children are enhancing their independence by putting away their personal belongings into assigned cubbies which are decorated with their names and pictures to help them easily identify them. Children put away toys after our daily activities, snack time and after lunch they dispose of unwanted food and utensils. Not to mention potty training. This time can be very scary and challenging for the children, so we ask that parents please work with us as partners to make sure that this is a very successful experience.

Our daily schedule consists of breakfast time upon arrival, potty training and “Circle Time”. During “Circle Time” we go over our daily schedule, learn each other’s names by singing “The Name Song”, sing our ABC’s, learn our numbers, colors and shapes and also sing nursery rhymes and read stories.

After this time, we have our morning snack and literacy. This is the time where group instruction takes place and we participate in the lesson of the day by focusing on letter, number, shape and color recognition by using flash cards, manipulative props and other visuals like ABC, number and color charts.

Nursery in Brooklyn, New YorkAfter literacy, we participate in outdoor activities such as neighborhood walks and trips to the park, if the weather permits. When the weather is bad, children build fine motor skills by participating in free play. They have a choice of building blocks, putting together puzzles, playing with table toys or climbing and jumping safely on our gym center. After play time, we visit the potty, have lunch and take our power naps.

After recharging their little batteries, we go to the potty, have snack time and have some fun with arts and crafts; this is our classroom’s specialty! We love to create artwork for every holiday and also display our daily classwork in our beautiful green and blue mural classroom. Afterwards we have one last snack, get all cleaned up and we end our day. But learning does not stop here; development friendly homework is sent home daily so parents can further implement what their children have learned each day. Our teachers model and emphasize good behavior that will help develop the child’s social skills among their teachers and friends. All behavior is maintained with positive reinforcement.

Our classroom is equipped with child-sized tables, chairs and bathrooms. Each child is assigned to their own personal cubby for their belongings. We have a library that consists of age appropriate books, a kitchen area where the children can interact with their friends and play pretend. We have an array of table toys so children can have choices of what they want to play with and also little tricycles to help promote physical development. Each part of our room is child friendly, allowing children to play and explore their surroundings safely and freely.

We hope that you decide to join us in Awesome 2Somes! If you are already with us, we hope that the experience is a fun and exciting journey for you and your child.