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Awesome 2somes January News Corner



February is black history month; therefore, we will focus on some famous African Americans. We will explore African clothes, dancing, music, inventors and celebrities, along with Valentin’s Day and President’s Day.


Colors of the Month

The colors of this month are brown and pink. We will be exploring things that are pink and brown. Also those colors will be incorporated in literacy, math and social studies activities.


On February, we will concentrate on language development. We will put emphasis on pronunciation of words that begin with letters L, M, & N and tracing those letters as well. We will read picture books about famous African Americans. Also, children will trace their first names in crayon to mold their fine motor skills.


In Math, we will be learning about numbers 11 and 12, (identification and representation) and counting up to 20. The shapes of this month are heart and sphere. We will identify objects with the same shape in our surrounding and create shape collages.


For Science, the children will be introduced to Life Science; “Life Cycle of the Butterfly”. They will learn  about the different stages of the butterfly along with their definition.

Social Studies

For Social Studies, the children will acquire based knowledge of Black History- Famous African Americans. Who are they and what they accomplished, their dance, music and clothes as well. What is Valentine’s Day? We will also discuss President’s Day, what does that day represent and why we celebrate it.  


Birthday Cake




Bryell Pinder: Feb 23

Eli Andrews: Feb 25




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