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Blue Room January News Corner


For the month of January, Blue Room will take a trip to the South Pole to visit the continent of Antarctica. We will implement Science and Social Studies as we will learn about Antarctica and the emperor penguins. We will compare and contrast Emperor Penguins to ourselves. The students will do a family project on other animals from Antarctica and we are all excited to hear what our friends will have to tell us.

We will continue our science and art components by discovering various types/shades of blue using our scientific method. Blue Room will continue our literacy component as we continue to add to our sight word chart and learn more vocabulary words and practice blending letter sounds as we read. Blue Room will learn about singular and plural and work on communicating via full sentences.

For mathematics, we will learn the words for numbers 1 through 15 and work on Math word problems. We will continue to review previous lessons and do our weekly quizzes as a reflection of all the wonderful things we are learning

Blue Room wants to give a shout out to our January birthdays:

Happy Birthday Janelle Pinder!!