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Peach Room

Teacher Amina & Teacher Laurence

Peach Room is comprised of children ranging in age from 4 to 5. Students of the Peach Room vary in the levels of their skills and abilities from those learning the alphabet and numbers to those performing addition and subtraction, as well as reading. The lessons are geared for a grade higher than the average age of the children of the Peach Room, to help them attain advanced skills in preparation for the Gifted & Talented exams.

The students will learn letter recognition, writing and an introduction to basic sight words. The print rich setting, along with literature based learning, will provide a fun learning environment suited to their developmental needs and maturity level. Math instruction will include counting, number recognition, reasoning and problem solving skills. Science, social studies and foreign language concepts are explored through thematic units.

photo 5 (5)The students also engage in the extra-curricular activities of Dance, Music, French, Chess and Martial Arts. We strive the give the Peach room students a well rounded experiences that they can benefit from through the rest of their academic lifetime.