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Teacher Melinda & Teacher Lorraine

The Pink Room is proud to work with children ages 3 to 4 years old, and our daily schedule is full, fun and structured! “Circle Time,” includes periods of alternating activities: the Pledge of Allegiance, weather, calendar, story time and conservations. Children will have an opportunity to choose a variety of activities (free play) every day, including manipulative, dramatic play, blocks, listening center, library, science corner and cooperative play. For three year olds, playing is exploring and our activities and themes focus on playing in groups and individually. Objects are supplied in the classroom to influence dramatic play.

Three-year old children have strong emotions and are learning appropriate ways to express these emotions. Physical Education exercises such as throwing, jumping and hopping skills are offered to improve better body coordination. In the classroom, the development of fine motor skills is encouraged in activities like: cutting, reproducing simple shapes, tracing and the manipulation of blocks and puzzle pieces.

Pink Room, New York City Child Day CarePink Room children become increasingly self-sufficient and self-help skills are stressed. Children turn the faucets on and off, they open buckles, learn to pull zippers on and off, and more. At snack time, they learn to pour liquids. Almost all of our three year olds have control over toilet routines.

Cognitively, Pink Room children are able to solve simple problems. Our children at this age are now learning to think logically and program goals in every area are set to develop:

  • Positive self-concept and view self as worthwhile
  • Curiosity about the world
  • Sensory exploration skills
  • Prosocial behavior skills
  • Value own rights as well as others
  • Language skills, both listening and speaking
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Problem solving skills

Children learn to recognize and identify letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Simple addition problems are introduced.

The classroom is arranged according to activity areas which provide an ideal environment for active learning. Each activity area is a space of its own placed away from designated quiet areas, and each supports the classroom goals. In activity areas, children learn the routine for using, replacing and putting away materials. Labels and signs also encourage children to return materials to specific storage areas. Pink Room teachers focus on health and safety and follow state guidelines in keeping surfaces and play objects clean.