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Rainbow Room

Teacher Morrison

The Rainbow Room is a room in which the children ages range from ages 3-5 years old. The learning areas are set up in way that the children can explore many things. There is a Math center, Science center, Dramatic play, Reading center, Manipulative and Arts & Crafts center. Our daily schedules begin with meet and greeting the children and then breakfast. As the children get finish with their breakfast we move on to our classroom. Then we begin our day by following our classroom schedule as follows:

Independent Reading: The children sit down and get comfortable in our Reading Center and begin to read a variety of books that range from myths, fiction, fairy tales and fables. This gives them a chance to look for sight words to help with reading and sentence structure.

Circle Time: This is the hour when we discuss our classroom rules and manners, alphabet, numbers, shapes, five senses, calendar, and sight words.

Later we follow a structured lesson plan in with our lessons for the day such as:

  • Child Care in Brooklyn, New YorkLanguage Arts – the children learn a variety of vocabulary words, word recognition, discuss sentence structure, alphabet, nouns, verbs, pronouns and adjectives and more, all in the earliest stages suitable for the children’s age ranges.
  • Math – children learn number recognition along with beginner’s stage of addition, subtraction, fractions, to write numbers and currency and so on.
  • Science – children learn life science skills in exploring our world. Using child friendly experiments we also learn about the human body, plants & flowers, health & nutrition, insects, ocean life, reptiles, amphibians, weather and time.
  • Creative Arts – children express themselves by doing a wide range of arts and crafts and creative arts using a variety of child friendly paints and other art materials.
  • Social Studies – helping the children to learn their independent living skills, career goals, cooking skills, hygiene skills and also they will become familiar with their cultures, other cultures and world history and current events.

Free Play: which is always done at the end of the day, allows each children to sit down and play with toys of their choice. This helps them to wind down and relax.

There are other extra curriculum classes they take, such as dance class, allowing them to learn dances of all cultures and is great for body movement. Karate class gives the children a chance to learn karate in the early stages.

All of the curriculum works within the guidelines of the Department of Health and Board of Education. These experiences are great for the children and will follow them well into their adult life. They will be ready for the many challenges of the forever changing economy.