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Yellow Room January News Corner



This new year our children will be focused on themese such as winter, weather (snow), Martin Luther King Jr. and the Chinese New Year!


Our shapes of the month will be ovals and cubes. We will study ovals as circles squished together and our example will be eggs. Cubes are expressed as box shaped and our examples will be ice cubes.


Our numbers will be nine and ten. Using art, manipulatives such as toys and pencils will be used to express their amount.  Work will include addition, subtraction, and identifying groups of each number from a set. I encourage you to develop this during playtime at home by counting objects such as beans etc.


Letters will be J and K. Review our vocabulary words tracing and sounds at home with things in your environment. In class we will do different collages so please send in all items requested!


Black and white are our colors of the month. We will study these colors using art works; analyzing all black or all white images. We will also understand the importance of our unique shades of skin and explore how color impacted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech.

In all, I appreciate all involvement in our children’s growth and development… It takes a village!

-Teacher Sheriese

Birthday Cake


Kahlil Holt: January 14

He will be turning 3… enjoy!