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Welcome note:
From the Desk of the Educational Director

Dear Parents,
Happy New Year! What a good way to start the year! I hope everyone had a wonderful time with your loved ones. As we start 2016, I am also starting the new phase of my career as Educational Director of Sunshine Nursery Day Care Center. In more than a decade of my teaching career, it’s been my pleasure to work with amazing children and co-teachers. My tremendous love for teaching and working with fellow teachers really equipped me with knowledge and skills.
As per my qualifications, I earned my Master’s Degree in General Education and Special Education Childhood 1-6 and in Early Childhood Education in Touro College, New York. In addition to that, I also have 45 credits leading to Master’s Degree in Educational Management in Tomas Del Rosario College, Philippines. I have been working in Sunshine Nursery Day Care Center for almost five years as a Head Teacher of the Green Room which I am really proud of. We are looking forward for this year to be fruitful with our children as they continue to explore and learn more about the things around them. I am assuring you that we will work hard as a Team to provide our children the best education that they deserve. I am also appealing to all of you to join us hand in hand with this endeavor. Please continue to encourage your children to be active participants in school. We are having extracurricular instruction for your children that includes music, dance, chess, and martial arts. In addition to that, we are also having French and Spanish lessons. We want to increase their skills in these areas as we aim to produce not only well-rounded students but lifelong learners.
Looking forward, there will be a spring performance and a graduation program. The children will be participating in all the activities. Please keep up with your children’s homework assignments and encourage them to pay attention during class work. The complexity of the work will increase as the school year progresses and as your children are promoted to a new classroom. Completed homework assignments show your children’s teacher that they understand what has been taught that day. Please allow your children to do their own writing. Homework is very valuable and very beneficial for the children. Homework only benefits them if they complete their assignments themselves.
Thank you for your continuous support to our school.
Mark R. De Jesus
Educational Director
Sunshine Nursery Day Care Center