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Nursery A January News Corner


JanuaryWe the teachers of Nursery A are very glad to know you have entrusted your children in our care. We are trying our best to make sure they are taken care of.

What We Are Learning

We do circle time every day, and twice a day we have story time. We review colors, numbers, and body parts. For the younger children we have tummy time.

We also look at different animals and the sounds they make. The children have been working on counting from 1 to 10. Kai can count in spanish. Both Xavier and Kai have excelled in everything. They all know to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze in addition to saying thank you or excuse m please.

Shining Stars

There are a few students who have made a lot of improvement. Maasaiah is talking up a storm now and saying everything that is in his head. Jacquelyn, Shamir, Noah, and Daquan knows to cover his mouth without beyong told do so. I’m so proud of him. I’m asking you to work with them as we do our part.

Let’s not forget Indra, Rian, and Nicholas. As they listen, you can see the broad smiles on their faces and sometimes you can hear the chucle in their voices. This is how we know they are paying attentions. They all have made us proud, so please continue to work with them as we are doing the same. Thank you.

Miss Annie and Miss Gloria